Creamy Coffee Pastillas (10 x 16g) - pastillas-uk
Creamy Coffee Pastillas (10 x 16g) - pastillas-uk

Creamy Coffee Pastillas (10 x 16g)

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Our milkshake bites come freshly made inside biodegradable food packaging. After you have finished eating all our yummy pastillas. You can take comfort in knowing that the packet is eco-friendly, great for the environment and can be fully recycled inside composting conditions just after 10 weeks.
All our milkshake bites contain no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. We make sure to use only natural ingredients where possible without compromising on quality and taste.

Our pastillas are perfect for vegetarians, we do not use any animal meat ingredients. This includes meat from animals, fish and poultry.

The traditional pastillas de leche come coated in sugar, we avoid this technique to reduce the amount of sugar in our pastillas.
Our unique formula and production method ensures that you can still enjoy your favourite milky treat without having to worry about any unhealthy attributes.
In fact, our pastillas are naturally high in protein and calcium.
(Any sugar that is present comes naturally in the ingredients we use)
Because our milkshake bites are made from fresh milk. They fully shine in flavour once they have been refrigerated for about 60 minutes.
Make sure that, as soon as you get them to pop them in the fridge, they taste best in there, just like a refreshing glass of milk 🥛 - "ahh that's better".
Add a nice tasty marble effect to your chosen pastillas by adding chocolate chips to them! As well as tasting amazing they look even more tasty too. We only use high-quality fine Belgian chocolate chips, and you get to choose between Milk, Dark and White Chips, whichever one you choose they make a yummy addition to all our milkshake bite pastillas.
Here are their Cocoa Masses...
Milk: 33.6%
Dark: 54.5%
White: 28%
A higher percentage of cocoa often means healthier (relatively). 😉

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A great taste I love this coffee flavour

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