During an expedition journey to the Philippines, we came upon a sweet treat called Pastillas. After falling in love with this one particular treat it often came across our minds if pastillas were available to buy back home in the UK just like they were available widely in SM Malls and confectionery shops all around the Philippines.

After returning to the UK and after finishing eating all the pastillas we could fit in our checking in bags we were disappointed that we could not find them anywhere to buy, not even online in the UK. So we knew we had to bring home this tasty treat and culture with us.

This is how Pastillas UK was born, to fill in the gap for yummy tasty pastillas that are now available for people online all around the world and of course the UK, who love to bring home a taste of the Philippines.

Thanks for being here with us.

Pastillas UK


About Our Product

We deliver worldwide, freshly made Pastillas with an added extra twist that have the well known authentic Philippine pastilla taste, cushioned inside fresh biodegradable food packaging.

With our product you can taste your favourite flavour milkshake in easy to bite yummy squares, that have a fresh creamy taste and a fudge-like texture.

Made Fresh Everyday